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Tent for Little Dogs
Our latest tent is made for your little dogs.

Tent -- choose:

Ruffled Ballerina Canopy Tent

One of our latest tents is made from a fabric with pictures of little girl ballerinas, and a matching print with ballerina slippers and bows. It includes the ruffled bedspread, four pillows and a small quilt.


The Sport Tent

Everyone needs a tent to take camping and fishing. This tent comes in an attractive print with boats and fish on the aqua and blue background. The rods are on the outside of the tent, making it look like a real tent. There is a matching sleeping bag.


The Study

The study comes in a gray brick print with a gray print on top. There is a window with shutters. Inside there is a futon, table, rug, and a beanbag chair.


G.I. Joe Tent

This tent comes in a camouflage print of green and brown and has a matching sleeping bag.


A tent for the small stuffed dog

For the Chihuahua there is the tend with a red pepper print. There is a dog bed to match. For the Dalmation there is a blue tent with pictures of Dalmatians and red fire plugs. Also included is a dog bed.


Real Cat

This tent is made for a real cat. It comes in an attractive cat print, and has a padded floor.


Ruffled Canopy Tent

The Ruffled Canopy tent is made in a mauve floral print, a lavender print, a pink and blue design and a blue floral print. The beds are 12" long and have a ruffled bedspread, four pillows and a small quilt. Your little girl will have fun rearranging the pillows and tucking her dolls in bed to sleep beside her.

These tents are sold only by the pattern:


Outer Space Theme


Canopy Tent for 18" Doll



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